Our sponsors are vital to our success.

With support, we can reach the untapped patient group in pharmacy, that are not attending their GP.

We believe that the ‘coalface’ of healthcare is in community pharmacy. So we want to meet people where they are.

Together, we can develop the community pharmacists’ sleep role and improve patient outcomes.

If you’re interested in helping us then please get in touch.

Thank you.


We’re proud to be in receipt of both:



Individuals can support the work of the BSPSS by clicking the ‘Donate‘ button or by using the QR code below:

Thank you, for your help making sleep accessible.

The British Society of Pharmacy Sleep Services (reg. charitable incorporated organisation) is delighted to welcome Sefam Medical UK Ltd. as a sponsor:

Sefam Medical UK.


Sefam Medical Ltd is a leading provider of innovative sleep screening and diagnostic technology. Our diagnostic device, Sunrise, is a revolutionary tool that utilises advanced artificial intelligence to detect and analyse sleep apnoea.

Sefam Medical UK logo

By measuring movements caused by the contraction of respiratory muscles, Sunrise provides a comprehensive and accurate analysis of sleep patterns, micro-arousals, and respiratory effort. This technology empowers healthcare professionals to make informed decisions about diagnosis and treatment, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

Man using a Sunrise HSAT device on this chin

In addition to our diagnostic tools, we also support sleep units with our range of CPAP therapy devices. Our commitment to improving sleep health extends beyond diagnosis; we aim to provide comprehensive solutions for the management of sleep apnoea.

With Sefam Medical Ltd, you can trust that you are partnering with a company dedicated to advancing sleep health.

Founding Sponsors:

Below are our founding sponsors:

Please give them your support. 

Snorer Pharmacy® provides free online training and a turn-key online service for Community Pharmacists to help them signpost  snorers  and those requiring further investigation, appropriately. 


WaistawayUK Ltd. provides:

  • Online snoring consultation
  • Simple, straightforward weightloss and diet solutions

That actually work!



Why sponsor the BSPSS?”

We’re here to enhance the sleep knowledge of the Community Pharmacist and develop the protocols and tools necessary for evidence-based signposting to advice and treatments across the healthcare sector.

If you share this passion, then contact us and work with us to deliver our shared Objectives.



Invaluable support:

The BSPSS would like to acknowledge the invaluable support and assistance of:

  • Emma Easton. Emma is a constant source of encouragement and counsel. Her numerous talents have enabled us to make rapid progress: https://business-bollox.co.uk [opens in a new tab]
  • Lipotrim – with obesity inextricably linked to sleep disorders, Lipotrim’s expert knowledge on weight management and community pharmacy services has proven invaluable. Special thanks for their generous donation of exhibition equipment: https://www2.lipotrim.co.uk [opens in a new tab]


We’re an independent, professional membership organisation supported by unconditional grants from sponsors, personal donations of time and money, and the goodwill of our founders, trustees and advisors.

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