Free sleep disorder FactSheets

Intended use:

These free FactSheets have been created to help and inform Community Pharmacists about suspected sleep disorders.

They are evidence-based and independently created.

The aim is to help you to help patients.

Why it matters:

Sleep disorders are now at crisis levels.


Sleep disorders are now at crisis levels.

If we just look at insomnia, the NICE CKS states:

Around a third of adults in Western countries experience sleep problems at least once a week with 6-10% fulfilling the criteria for insomnia disorder”. [new window]

The RAND Organisation [new window] produced the 2023 The societal and economic burden of insomnia in adults. Costing the UK an estimated £34 billion per year!

Sleep Apnoea

Obstructive Sleep Apnoea according the British Lung Foundation [pdf] is common, affecting an estimated 1.5 million adults in the UK, and yet up to 85% are undiagnosed, therefore untreated.


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As Community Pharmacy is the frontline healthcare arena, you can radically transform this situation.

Insomnia FactSheet:

Restless Legs FactSheet:

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