Sleep Aware

Written by Adrian Zacher

CEO and Founder of the BSPSS.

July 2, 2023

Sleep Aware

Sleep Aware is a BSPSS Public Health information campaign, everyone can get behind, because: 

We ALL sleep. Sleep isn’t optional.

Sleep Aware for:

  • Society
  • Employers
  • You


Sleep problems are a public health crisis imposing a significant societal and economic cost.


Presenteeism and fatigue directly impact your bottom line. You can improve productivity.


Live longer, healthier and feel better. What’s not to like?

Part of the EICSS pilot:

‘Sleep Aware’ is a part of our Early Intervention Community Sleep Support pilot.

Crisis response:

We applaud our highly trained, sleep experts and back them 100%. However, we cannot address the sleep crisis with a few PhD sleep experts in secondary care.

That’s why we’re making evidence-based sleep advice, in line with NICE guidelines, accessible in community pharmacy.


BSPSS Aims & Objectives:

See the BSPSS aims and objectives.

Sleep Aware Organisations

Celebrate with us that David Lloyd Clubs in Lincoln, [new window] recognise the importance of sleep!


The big 3 factors for health are:

  • Exercise
  • Nutrition and
  • SLEEP!

David Lloyd Clubs, Lincoln

Adrian Zacher and Emma Easton, presenting the Sleep Aware sessions at David Lloyd Clubs, Lincoln July 2023

Adrian Zacher, CEO and Emma Easton presented a series of Sleep Aware workshops in collaboration with David Lloyd Clubs, Lincoln.

Let’s talk about Sleep…

The kick off ‘Sleep Aware’ session with David Lloyd Clubs went like this:

After a 10 min intro...

After a 10 minute intro our 30 minute slot lasted another HOUR 😮 and questions ranged from blue light, sleep hygiene, napping, micro sleeps, shift work, clocks and TVs in the bedroom, engagement with mobile devices.

It was fabulous to HELP people and signpost them to real, evidence-based expertise. The open forum nature really worked. We talked about the importance of not trivialising sleep and how to get valid, evidence-based help.

If your organisation could benefit from pragmatic, accessible help to improve your team’s sleep get in touch!

Talk With Us:

Let’s work together

01235 364121

4 Waterford Lane, Cherry Willingham, Lincoln, LN3 4AL, United Kingdom

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Things to know about
Sleep Aware from the BSPSS:

We don’t:

  • Pretend to be medically qualified
  • Encourage self-diagnosis
  • Encourage self-treatment
  • Sell gadgets, cures or potions

We do:

  • Explain why we should not trivialise sleep
  • Encourage people to talk about sleep 
  • Encourage people to seek expert, sleep-trained help – be that their GP or pharmacist
  • Empower them to take action

Making Sleep Accessible:

01235 364121

4 Waterford Lane, Cherry Willingham, Lincoln, LN3 4AL, United Kingdom

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