Mission, Aims & Objectives


In our vision, evidence-based sleep advice and services, exists on your ‘High Street’. And the number of undiagnosed sleep sufferers is falling.



To enhance the sleep knowledge of the Community Pharmacist and develop the protocols and tools necessary for evidence-based signposting to advice and treatments across the healthcare sector.



To help patients with sleep problems access valid advice at their first healthcare professional interaction – with their community pharmacist.

Coordinate a synergistic, multi-disciplinary approach between pharmacist, medical and dental communities, in order to improve and accelerate patients to appropriate care through research, education, and professional development.



  • To assess the sleep education status of community pharmacy
  • To close knowledge gaps
  • To accredit sleep-trained pharmacists
  • To have a position on self-diagnosis and OTC ‘cures’
  • To network interested researchers and clinicians
  • To facilitate the exchange of new information
  • To establish and maintain appropriate screening and signposting protocols
  • To promote and maintain a positive public awareness of sleep disorders and the role of the community pharmacist


Membership is open to all pharmacists worldwide. Our initial focus though, is on the UK and Eire.

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