Sleep is an essential need

Sleep is an essential need and something we often take for granted. But when sleep goes wrong, the community pharmacist is often the first healthcare professional consulted.

Sleep-trained pharmacists can help you by:

  • screening, recognising and directing (signposting) you to appropriate care
  • addressing the underlying causes e.g. weight management, alcohol and smoking cessation
  • right patient, in the right place, at the right time

Below is a clip from a radio interview with our CEO, Adrian Zacher. Broadcast 15th July 2021 on JackFM. Adrian explains the role of the sleep-trained pharmacist and sleep loss consequences.







Infographics about sleep

Check out our infographics, about sleep and mental health.

Snoring test

Try our free, online snoring test. Is snoring just noise or should you seek help?

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