We advance Community Pharmacy sleep services to improve patient outcomes in Primary Care.

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The board of The British Society of Pharmacy Sleep Services

Meet the board of The British Society of Pharmacy Sleep Services

3 steps to offering sleep services in community pharmacy
Just 3 steps to offering evidence-based sleep services in community pharmacy (and it’s FREE!)

Bringing sleep expertise to the community pharmacy in your High Street – Is yours next?

We’re now a registered charitable incorporated organisation

Having a charitable status for the BSPSS, comprising pharmacists and sleep practitioners under a voluntary basis, really sets out why we are here, to educate and support pharmacy about sleep disorders for the benefit of their customers.

The potential savings for the NHS if sleep disorders were more effectively screened and signposted, or even treated within primary care is also highly important.

Pharmacy is ideally placed to do this.

The BSPSS membership is free, offering a variety of easily accessible, educational materials designed to cater for all levels of educational need.

With no barrier for pharmacists and their staff when it comes to sleep education, they can appropriately support their customers, many of whom are suffering in silence.